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Saturday, June 16, 2012

He's not my dad or my husband.

He's my brother. My best friend. The one I can count on when I need a laugh. (and he never fails to deliver!) He's a great dad, a great husband, and a great Christian. His kids know the importance of God in their lives, and will never fail to feel love from him or their mom.

His name is Jerrod R Nelson. He's almost exactly 7 yrs younger than me. When he was little (1 yr old), I used to flip over the footstool at my Grandparent's house, sit him in it, and push him around the carpet. Cheap entertainment!!

I pretty much consider myself his "second mom" while growing up. Our dad worked overnights, so in the summer, he would be sleeping during the day while I was in charge of Jerrod. Amazingly enough, we never burned the house down. Or got arrested.

He's always had my back. He used to hide my mail in my room before our parents got home and would get mad. (sorry, Mom and Dad!) In return, I accidentally outed him to our mom one day when he skipped class while in college. (You're supposed to tell a sister you're going to do those things!)

And then, one time when he was 3, I turned off the light upstairs, and he walked over the edge of the stairs, falling down the whole flight, and ended up at the bottom unconscious. Paramedics were called, but he ended up being fine. Maybe that's why he's so crazy? :-D

At the 2008 State High School Hockey Tournament. Good times.

We share a love of baseball.

Twins games.....

And Saints games....

Tailgating before the Saints game.

And just like to have fun together.

I've always looked up to him, even though he's younger, (but he *is taller. ba dum BUM.) He's a great example of how someone, not just a dad, should live their life. He and his wife are teaching their kids how to not only be a good Christian, but to be a good person.

He teaches high school for a living. Props to him, because I know I couldn't do that!! I'm sure his students think he's as awesome as he does. He plays the cello and the drums, and plays on two softball teams during the summer. Never a dull moment!

He's always been there for me, even through all the bad decisions I've made in my life. I love him to pieces, and I'm proud to be called his sister.

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