Welcome to my work in progress. A little rough around the edges, but hopefully will educate as well as provide some relief for those also going through the craziness of daily life with Autism. Hope you enjoy it :o)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Attitude change.

I feel good today. Apparently a night's sleep will do that. I didn't say a GOOD night's sleep. Just....sleep. I wake up all the time. I'm out of Trazodone, and melatonin just doesn't seem to keep me asleep. Anyway.

Jim and I were talking last night, and he goes, "We should run some races this summer." .... Um, I'm sorry? "we" should "run"? Huh. Somehow I don't think those words belong in the same sentence. Heh. So I was looking online today, and remembered that Katie Brady Sherry had posted something about the Electric Run. I looked it up, and MAN! That looks awesome! Glow crap is right up my alley! The kids and I get all decked out for the 4th when we go see fireworks. So I think I have him talked into that one. We're joining my cousin Lauren's team. We'll see how well this works. "Um, guys? Maybe put the camera down so you can run?" Hahahahaha. Sure.

I'll be stocking up on these as well:

Planning for Jacob's birthday party is in the works. Angry Birds cake, Chuck E Cheese, some friends...10 yrs old is a big deal!

Tiny Bubby.

I'm SO EXCITED for baseball to start!!

I don't have tickets for the opener, but you can bet I'll be getting some for later that week!!! I kind of have to. Because this guy:

is probably having Tina withdrawals. I mean, I'm jussayin.

And now, I'm off. To do what? I have no idea. Probably something involving Angry Birds and tiny minons. Peace out, homies. Unagi.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

random thoughts.

My heart is so heavy tonight. I hate dropping the kids off, but I hate it even more when the grandparents are there. They don't actually WANT to spend time with the kids, they do it because they have to. He has no choice. I don't get why he doesn't work when they are with me. Maybe it's not possible, I don't know, but it sucks.

School is definitely taking a major backseat to other things right now. Maybe it shouldn't, but with work and kids, and trying to find an apt, I really think that those things are currently more important. School will always be there. My kids are only this age once, and need me right now. Finals are this week, and I'm pretty sure I won't pass either class. We'll see about A&P, but I know I'm going to bomb Algebra. That's why I'm going to take it again and kick ass.

I was so sad when Emily said that her dad hid her stuff. Where does he get off thinking that that's okay?!? Yes, she's 12. Does she NEED to sleep with a 'blankie'? Maybe not. However, with the crap that she's being put through right now, I hardly think that her snuggling with a blankie at night is cause for concern. I'm so tired of the anger, bitterness, and control that I'm continuing to deal with from him. ...deep breath...

My heart goes out to my aunt and uncle. My uncle just went on Hospice. Cancer. I hated it before, but I REALLY hate it now. Just when I have a pity party about my life, I realize I could have it MUCH worse.

The Twins are two games into Spring Training, and have lost them both. Good thing those don't count!

I made Lexi cry tonight. Put her on the couch with Jerrod so I could go get ready for bed. That wasn't pretty. #guilttrip

I'm hungry and craving pasta in a bad way. Perhaps I should make spaghetti one of these days.

Thus ends my stream of conciousness for now. Maybe I'll have more tomorrow. If you're lucky.

Friday, February 8, 2013

5 Question Friday Tiiiiiiime!!!!

This 5 Question Friday post brought to you by Mama M at

1. What holiday do you wish did not exist?

VALENTINE'S DAY!!! It's the obligatory one that makes me vomit.

2. What is your favorite romance/love movie?

Hope Floats.

3. Do you make a big production out of celebrating Valentine's Day?

Oh heck no. I'd raher avoid it altogether. I buy my kids some things, but that's it.

4. What is something weird you did as a child? (or even now!)

I'm way OCD about numbers and stuff. I never used to be. I don't like odd numbers, so the volume has to be on an even number, thermostat, etc. Bizzare.

5. What makes you love your husband, really LOVE him, you know since Valentines is coming up?

I'll tell you what's wonderful about my boyfriend: he's always willing to help me out if he's able. He's kind, generous, respectful, caring, and he plays the slugbug game with me in the car. That's true love right there.