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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our day at the MOA

Last Thursday (June 7) I took the kids to the Mall for our time together. It did NOT go as planned. The beginning anyway.

We got there around 5:15, and decided to walk around for awhile before we ate supper. Jacob did not want to walk. He wanted to crawl. Or be carried. Or lay in the middle of the floor throwing his flip flops around while screaming. (Yes, he did all of the above.)

He kept telling me was tired, and everytime I went to touch him, he smacked me away. Finally at 6:00 Nicholas said, "Mom, did you give Jacob his medicine?"

Oh. Dur. That would explain the demonic child I'm dealing with. So, we booked up to the food court for chocolate milk. Crush the pill, mix it with the milk, and he drinks it. Annoying, but whatever works I say.

I have to hand it to Nicholas and Emily. They were very patient while we sat and waited for the boy to calm down somewhat so I could go get their food.

FINALLY (some) peace was restored. We found the Caring Bridge card and signed it,

And popped into Barnes and Noble for some book time.

He picks out a few books, and heads into the corner of the kids section, kicks off his shoes, and reads. I'm not sure why I thought it was a good idea for him to get another book by himself, but I let him do it. 15 minutes later, I had to go find him. Barefoot and running around with some plush Angry Birds. We know how to do B&N. 

I miss this. While I love working and having lots of free time, I know their free time just isn't the same. It makes me appreciate the time with them a lot more, but it's not very much time.

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