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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

He might be okay with it, but I'm not.

Nicholas will be 13 next month. 13. A teenager. Some days, you can really tell!! Other days, the Aspergers takes over, and he curls up on my lap holding an Elmo blanket that I used to wrap him in when he was a newborn. It's a well loved blanket.

I told him that since turning 13 is a pretty big deal, we should do something special. I wasn't too worried about what he would pick, since he is probably one of the least adventurous kids I know. He sort of shrugged and said "I dunno." Okay. I get that. You're turning 13 and have to spend your birthday with your mom? Welcome to Geek City. I suggested maybe a movie with a friend or something, and asked him if he had anyone from school he wanted to take. "Nope." How about church? "Nope."

No one? "Is it that you can't decide who you would take? Someone might feel left out?"
"No, I just don't have many friends." Doesn't have many friends. Okay, I sort of get that too. Being anti-social is an Aspergers trait, so I can see that. Middle school is the worst for a neuro-typical (NT) child, I imagine for someone in special ed classes it's a thousand times worse.

I'm not sure he notices the looks he gets when we're out and about, and he's whining about this or that, or acting like a class clown would. But I do.

He probably doesn't even care what people are thinking when he's wearing an Ironman mask, a Darth Vader cape, shorts over his sweats, and carrying a Captain America disklauncher. But I do.

Why do we care so much? It's because people judge. I'll admit, I've done the same. Sometimes I'm sure I still do. But I can't just walk around Target yelling, "Yes he's 12, but he's got Aspergers, and sometimes leaving the house is more important than what we're wearing!!" Well, I suppose I could, if I wanted to get kicked out. Then what was the point of even going??

I think I may have lost my train of thought......I've heard that happens from time to time.  I'm just glad it never happens to me. Ahem.

He's content to sit in his room for hours, listening to the radio and playing Legos. Sometimes he's happier by himself, so I guess if his birthday consists of me taking just him to a movie, that might be okay.

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