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Saturday, April 4, 2015

My baby is 12.

Times flies. Especially when you're a parent. One second your third child is a newborn, middle is 2 1/2, and your oldest is 4. Next thing you know, oldest is 16 and taking drivers ed, middle is talking about turning 15, and youngest is turning 12. 

Jacob, a month old

I labored with him all day. Woke up to contractions, and by the time my mom came over and (then) hubby got home, it was 8pm, and time to go to the hospital. We weren't there for long when I had to push him out. He came out blue and not breathing. Turns out his cord came out before he did, and he squashed it, which cut off his oxygen supply and he needed to be resuscitated. That was so scary. But God was watching over us, it seems. 

Bubby weighed 7lbs 15oz. He was a champion nurser. Only lost 1 or 2 ounces before we went home. At his one week check up he was up to 9 pounds!! Little piggie!! 

4 months old

I love his big bald head. 

7 months old, working on a cracker. 

I just can't believe he's growing up so fast. 

4 yrs old

Now. He's taller than I am. Only by an inch or so though!! And I miss them SO MUCH when they're not with me. 

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