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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Freakishly hot day at the zoo

I am so glad my brother works there. We get in for free, and ride the monorail for free! Although, we're not allowed to sit in the "quiet car"...I can't imagine why.

I told the kids to bring their suits, knowing that the fountains would be up and running, and that we'd be going to the pool when we were done. Not only did their Sperm Donor NOT send Jacob's suit along, but he locked the door when Nick and Emily tried to go back to get it. We're all about the maturity.

Then I'm thinking, "Well, Jake never gets wet anyway, so he'll be fine."

Thank you for making me look like a fool, Bubby.

That was on our way through the dinosaur thing, which, to be honest, was kinda lame. (and it costs extra. because the arm and leg the zoo normally charges isn't enough??) ahem. sorry. moving on.....


The shirt had to come off because it was wet.



Sweaty Bubby...



Through Jacob's eyes:


Water play!!!! Nicholas didn't want to get wet, I was pretty surprised.

That was a fun day. It was hot, but they're already asking when we can go back.

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