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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas, cookies, and chaos.

Kids and I got to celebrate Christmas early this year with my mom and Wayne. It was fun. The older Jacob gets, the better behaved he is while we have other things going on. 

After we went to lunch with the family, we headed to mom's house. I kept teasing Jacob about it, saying we were going to the mall instead. The kids were so wound up in the car, and Wayne finally said, "Are you sure you guys don't want to go to the mall??" Ha! I said maybe Wayne wanted to go to the mall!! We started out with presents. (Like we were gonna make the kids wait. Right.) 

Diva and Bubba passing them out. 

Jacob making himself at home. 

Grandma helping him with the tape. 

My gorgeous girlie. 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!! 

The new AC/DC cd!! 

2 Big Hero 6 books, a hair curler/straightener, Build a Bear gift card, Christmas socks. 

AC/DC cd, Minecraft book set, Christmas socks, Deadpool comic, trivia game. 

Jackpot!! Loved his toys. 

My new sleep shirt. Accurate. 

Me n Wayne snuggling on the couch after the chaos. 

Minions played and read for a while, then we dove into cookie making. Shape cookies!!! Best ever!! 

Playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the computer while playing with his new train.  


After. Nom.  

This is my Sergio cookie. Because he has one arm. 

FYI, my mom makes the best peanut blossoms in the history of peanut blossoms. So don't even try to compete. You'll lose. 

All in all, fun day. We love going to Grandma's house to hang out. And we didn't even drive Wayne crazy. 

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