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Thursday, October 25, 2012

FINALLY. A night with the minions.

They were overjoyed when I picked them up. (So was I.) LOTS of hugging and kisses and screams :-) We hit the mall first, and I had Nick and Emily think about whether they wanted to go to Youth Group or not.

Hi Dora!

Emily is giving Dora an uppercut to the chin.

Mmmmm...onion rings at Burger King.

I'm the Cat in the Hat!!

Adjusting his crown.

King Jacob.


In a tunnel in the Disney Store.

He is hilarious. He was up there touching the tv, so I dragged him back and said he needed to sit in a chair to watch the show. What did he do? Scooted the chair up to the tv, without even getting up. Turkey.

And this is when I decided he should move back. Again.

After the Mall we dropped off the bigs at church. Nicholas was actually a little hesitant about it, while Emily was excited. Total opposite of what I figured. Jakey and I headed to Toys R Us and then Target, where we had a snack.

"I'm far away from you, Mom!"


And before you get on my case about having two other children to take pics of, let me remind you that this one has no idea what's going on. He's my Bubby. I'll get pics of the other two tomorrow. We'll be coming back here to hang out, and I'm sure that Emily will not put Ace down once he lets her hold him :o)

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