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Monday, January 9, 2017

Cousin love

Sometimes the littles ask me why, at 13years old, Jacob still watches Blue's Clues and Teletubbies. It's hard to explain Autism to anyone, much less a 5 year old, but I just tell her that his brain works differently than hers, and the things that make sense to her don't necessarily make sense to him. The love between them though, can't be measured. 

We were there over the weekend to play, and to babysit. They spent some time coloring.

Then I walked into the living room to see them goofing around on the couch. "Lexi Lou! Come on!"
So adorable. 

They goofed around and snuggled for a good half hour. Which surprised me because he normally doesn't like people in his bubble for very long. He wanted Savannah to join them (Bah-vee! Come join us!) but there wasn't much room. ;) 

How about you? Were you close with your cousins while growing up? 

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