Welcome to my work in progress. A little rough around the edges, but hopefully will educate as well as provide some relief for those also going through the craziness of daily life with Autism. Hope you enjoy it :o)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

friday's questions.

1. How often should adults have birthday parties?

Milestones. 21, 30, 40, etc.

2. What was your room decorated like when you were a child?

Light blue carper and butterfly wallpaper. Ugh.

3. Do you have any traditions for Easter? If so, what? and do you have a why behind that?

Just getting together with family and eating! Haven't decorated eggs in a couple years. Ex-husband gets in the way.

4. Do you get Good Friday off? If so, any plans?

Nope. I work at McDonald's. I only take days off as needed, and that's rare.

5. Did you wear hats & white shoes to church on Easter? (Or was that just in the South?)

NO. I don't even wear a dress! ICK!

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